Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine Onesie

I think I’ll do this post in reverse!

Because I just can’t help but start with my finished product.  It’s amazing how much cuter this is on a real live baby! make that  - on the cutest baby!


You see I decided to paint a onesie as part2 of a Dollar Store challenge, because let’s face it, one dollar store project is just never enough!
Perhaps you’ve seen my other project, Valentine Soap dispenser, where I used some doilies to modge podge a soap/lotion dispenser.  Well I had quite a few doilies left over, and I wanted to make something else.  I found this pink onesie and knew I could use the doile to stencil the heart onto the shirt.  So I made it, but something was . . . missing.  

Yep, a baby.



Did I mention my baby is almost 10 now, and a boy?  What this project needed was a baby girl.  So for the price of my work, I rented one.


I think she’s just what I (it) needed! 
Don’t you just want to eat those thighs?

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  1. Adorable! Both the onesie and that cutie baby! I've wanted to try using a doily as a stencil {I've even seen it done on cake tops with powdered sugar}.

  2. You should try it! I've used them to make canvas bags too. It's quick easy and fun!

  3. Sooo adorable! What a cute baby and project!

  4. Oh I love your blog so much, I think I'm going to visit it everyday now. Your work is just amazing to be a part of, just viewing it gives me so much inspiration to excel in my work. Thank you so much for providing me that. Keep it up!

  5. Cute! Love the project and the qt pie model!! Will be featuring tomorrow :)