Sunday, May 27, 2012

Staircase redo

We been very busy lately.  With the end of school nearing, birthdays, Mother Day, football, etc. so busy in fact that I hadn't had much time to sit down and blog.  Today I wanted to share one of my favorite projects we've done in awhile.  You have seen the basement remodel, and there was just one thing left to finish, the staircase.  We purposely left it unfinished as we schlepped things up and down the stairs.  Once everything was finished we had to wait until the weather got a little warmer so that I could stain in the garage.  Finally with everything stained and dried, we got to work.

The first thing to do was to remove the old dirty carpet and pull all the carpet staples.  Not a fun job, in fact, most of this project was NOT fun.  Painting a staircase, pulling staples, filling holes, sanding weird and hard to get to places, it kinda of all was not fun.  We had to research and figure tread rises, and extensions, and of course the staircase it self was not square.  To be honest this was a bit of a battle for a while with the hubby.  He was complaining that it was just too much work, and I was just about to throw in the towel and carpet the whole thing.  I am so happy that we didn't quit, and I can quite honestly say, my husband is in LOVE with his new steps. We love them so much in fact, that I would do the stairs to the upstairs in a minute!

dirty carpet
No color on the walls.

So here is what we started with:

Color was added to the walls.  Treads are down, but not stained.

Stair treads are stained and sealed in the garage.  

Wainscoting is added to the risers, after the treads are installed.   

My cute dog looks on as I snap a photo of our finished stairs.

The finished staircase.  We had the stain custom matched to our kitchen floor above.  The banister was
stained to match.  Our basement flooring is Koa which is a mix of lighter and darker tones.  The
dark stain on the stair compliments it well, and goes with the barn wood accents too.

Sometimes the harder the project, the more the satisfaction.  This was definitively was of those projects.  I am so happy with how they turned out.  Thanks for reading!    Di