Thursday, March 28, 2013

Got your Easter pants on?

basket 3
I created this adorable basket for my teenage daughter, and I’m pretty tickled with it.  I bought her these cute shorts she’s been eyeing, and decided that they would make a better basket, than a basket.

I got this air filled plastic chamber with my Neato vaccum and have  been saving it for over a year.  I always thought it would make a great cooler or container at a picnic, just fill it up with some ice, and chill something on top.  I inserted this inside of the shorts and stuffed it with some pink grass. 

basket 2

The grass layed a little low, so I added some newspaper to the bottom. Next I used some Easter ribbon to make a belt, and a handle too. After that I just filled it with candy, make-up and a few pieces of jewelry. It’s so stinkin’ cute, but I’m stealing that insert back, I have plans for that puppy!
I only wish I could think of something as equally cute for my son’s basket. . . .
but what to do with a Nerf gun??!!
basket 3

Here’s hoppin’ your Easter plans are coming together!!


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Fonts


It’s almost time for the Easter Bunny to make his run and  I’ve been dealing with sick kids over the last 2 weeks.  First my daughter last week, and now my son this week.  My daughter is an easy sick one.  My son, is however . . . well. . . . a man.  He’s whiney and needy and can’t do anything for himself.  So needless to say, I‘ve spent a lot of time home this week, but luckily I am an organized person and had all of my Easter goodies bought early.  Today I spent getting some things ready for the Bunny’s arrival and needed some fonts.  I came across some cute ones, and thought I would share.  Just click on the font and it will take you to the download.  Enjoy!Bunny

Easter Yolk



kr all cracked up

KG Hippity Hop 


Easter Surprise 

KR Easter Rabbit


  Happy Easter to you!




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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Singer Sewing Table

Since winter refuses to leave this year, we have been spending time indoors instead of out.  One of my finds from this past winter was a Singer sewing machine base I found at an estate sale for $35.  It’s missing the treadle peddle and I’m hoping to find one soon, but in the meantime, my handy husband and I made this table using up our last scraps of barn wood, some extra boards, and our singer parts.  We really do need to find the time to pick up more barn wood.  We have used it in so many different ways.


Right now we have it down in the basement, but I may decide to move it upstairs someday soon.  I think it would make a darling table behind the sofa. 



Here’s where we used the barn wood scraps along the base.  They help to stabilize the table and with some felt circle on the bottom, protect the floor from scratches.



I’ve always loved the racing stripes on furniture, and decided to add some to this table to add some more character to the piece.  I choose red to match the red in the red in the barn wood.
We are very happy with the way it turned out and it was a really easy project to make.
Thanks for stopping by!
Let’s all think Spring, and then think it a little harder!
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Sweet Spring

Sweet, Sweet Spring!  We are waiting for you!  This past weekend brought us a quick peek at what we have to look forward to.  I’m looking past the fact that it’s in the 30’s with snow flurries today.  I’m staying focused on the days when the weather will be warmer, and what better way than to fill your home with touches of the things to come.  After all, if mother nature’s not willing to send them to us yet, we will just have to create our own.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on this week.  The first is a burlap bunny silhouette.  Lately I’ve had the butter fingers, and have broke several pieces of glass.  I bought this frame, and before I even decided what to do with it, the glass broke.  I piled up the pieces and meant to take it downstairs to throw it away, but forgot.  Good thing!!  because it then occurred to me that I could still use the frame without the glass.  I glued a piece of burlap to the backing, printed out a bunny silhouette on some toile paper and then boarded it with some accent burlap ribbon with a cute green edge. 

bunny burlap2 

My next project was made from an empty salad dressing bottle.  I glued some moss to the front of the bottle, wrapped the neck in twine and added some accents.  I topped it off with a stamped tag.  I think it’s pretty cute.  My husband said it looks like something that went so bad the mold grew on the outside.  Ha ha!!  Sorry honey, but I’m right. Winking smile


My last project involved wrapping some ribbon around a glass vase, topping it with some faux lilacs and wrapped a bloom tag around it.  Quite simple, yet really perks up a plain glass vase.


bloom and grow

burlap bunny
So this is what’s perking up my kitchen counter right now!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Easter Mantel

After much fiddling, I am finally happy with my Easter mantel.  This is not that post where I say, “Oh I just used things I had laying around the house.” Nope,  I bought almost everything on the mantel, and I didn’t spend a fortune.  There is a mix of Pier One, Homegoods, Dollar Tree and some items from my most favorite store of all, called, Heavenly Scent Herb Farm.  But you know, sometimes you just have to get some new accessories, and I have a great mix of things I can use all year round.  So I’m not feeling guilty about it.

               DSCN3727  DSCN3725                DSCN3728  DSCN3726
As a had said in my last post about the  Wreath Tutorial, I am feeling less bright and cheery colors and more subdued this year.  I am craving Spring and earth, so I really wanted my mantel to reflect that.  I Confirmed that feeling was when I added this cute and colorful banner from Target.  It just felt out of place with all my natural tones.  So that came down.

Easter mantel
Above is the mantel without a banner.  It looks pretty, and I think after Easter I can go back to this.  But in the meantime, I replaced it with some egg shaped paper cut-outs that I got from the Paper source and decorated them with some washi tape that just so happened to come in the mail today!  Happy Bonus!  I then stapled the eggs onto some burlap I had and attached to the mantel.  This feels so much better to me.

easter mantel banner 2
The stain glass window and the wood circles were mine, so I guess I didn’t really buy everything new. Sorry if the color is a little off,  I got so excited I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow when the lighting will be better.
So with Easter only 3 weeks away, a beautiful sunny 50 degree day, and springing ahead with daylights savings time tonight, I am really starting to feel more optimistic that SpRiNg really is on it’s way!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easter Wreath–Dollar Store updo

Say it isn’t so!  I took some dollar store colorful eggs and a dollar store grapevine wreath and hot glued them together.  You’ve seen this wreath a million times.  It’s cute and colorful and really just fine on it’s own, really it is!  However, this year for some reason, I’m just not feeling that colorful.


I’m feeling more earthy and natural with my décor.  Maybe because the kids are getting older and don’t care so much about cute and colorful things.  What ever the reason, I decided to tone this wreath down by painting it Sage green.


Then I added some reindeer moss from the Dollar Tree to deepen the earthiness and make it feel less like eggs on a wreath.


So now it’s starting to match my mood a little more.  I finished it up by adding some sage burlap.  I wanted it to be simple.  Some little rolls of burlap tucked into some openings and fringed out, and a simple sweet bow. 

Viola!!  Another dollar store updo. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m working on getting my Easter mantel up and hope to have it posted soon.  Hope you’ll come back and see it!
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