Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Save money on Carpet and Furniture cleaning


I got my carpet and furniture cleaned today, and it feels so good.  If you’ve done this recently, you know it can get costly – fast!!  Especially the furniture.  I happen to have not one, but two couches both have removable cushions on the seats and the backs, and an over-sized chair, all which means more $$$.

Now getting your carpet and furniture cleaned is good not only for increasing the life of the product, but it also helps the house to remain cleaner and smell better too.  They recommend getting this done every 3 to 6 months, but frankly who has the time or money for that?  I’d like to share a few of my tricks and tips for keeping the furniture and carpet clean without breaking the bank. 


First of all, invest in a steam cleaner.  They cost around $200, but having a machine in the house means you get to clean on your schedule.  I often find myself doing one room or cleaning up that occasional pet stain or chocolate milk spill.  My favorite quick clean is that area of rug that gets so much traffic that it gets way dirtier than the rest of the house.  I give it a once over before bed, and in the morning it’s dry and ready for action.  The money you spend will end up being money in the bank.  I do things I would never pay to have someone else do like my ottoman, dining room chairs and  office chair.  My favorite steam cleaner is the Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner.  It is currently regular priced at $209 at Kohls, but if you get a 30% coupon, you can get it for $146!  The reason I like this one is that it has a built in heater, which keeps the water nice and hot.  I also like to put in about 3 drops (don’t use any more than that!) of liquid Tide.  The Tide really boosts the cleaning power, I think it’s just better at dissolving dirt.  The three drops mean no residue to attract more dirt.  If you are worried about the time it will take, I find it take me usually about 20 minutes for a normal sized room.  Having my steam cleaner means I usually only have a professional come out once a year.  The steam cleaner is such a smart investment. 


Next, call around for prices.  I find that if you find a local guy who does the work himself and has been in business for a while(my guy has been in business for 23 years), they will do the best jobs at the best prices.  I’ve used the big companies and felt that the job was less while the price was more.  Ask family and friends for recommendations, and visit websites for coupons and to get a feeling for the company.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any specials and don’t be afraid to say thank you for the price, but I am just shopping around right now.  That statement alone may prompt a new price or an offer to price match.


My third money saving tip is Don’t buy the Stain guard!  Today they offered to apply a stain guard to my furniture, for an additional $85!  Wow!  That’s a lot of money for some invisible spray.  I go to the store and buy a couple of cans of Scotchgard Fabric protector.  The way I see it, most of my dirt happens on the lower 2/3 of the seat cushions, so why spray on more than I need?  Dirty feet, food, spills, dog feet are the biggest offenders.  The back of the seat cushions are covered by the back cushions, and not much gets on the back cushions, although if you have some greasy heads, you might rethink that.  As a matter a fact, all of this is my personal opinion based on my family.  My kids are a little older now, so if you have crazy young ones, buy more fabric protector! 


This is what I purchased.  I got this at Kroger today.  I was in a rush and was trying to save time by not going to another store.  It cost $10.95 for a can, but when I looked it up online I saw you can buy it for $5.35 a can at Walmart.  That’s quite a savings in itself!  Especially since you will need a couple of cans.  Now I’m mad I just got ripped off.  I spray this on right after cleaning my furniture and it is almost dry.  

scotchgard fabric

And remember to vacuum regularly and cleaning up spills as soon as possible.   Hope these tips help you to save a few dollars on steam cleaning! 


Have a great day.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Upcycled Garden Shed Window

A couple of Saturdays ago, my husband headed out to 2 barns sales at our two favorite barns.  Imagine that they would both have a sale on the same day!  And instead of going to just look, we actually had a project in mind.  We have been wanting to add a faux window to the side of our garden shed.  I wasn’t entirely optimistic about this, since usually when you are trying to find something specific, you just can’t find what you are looking for.  I’m sure you know what I mean, it’s like seeing a ton of cute dresses when you are not in the market, and then when you really NEED one, nothing!  But, the stars must have been aligned that day, because we found just the pieces we needed at three different vendors, and each and every piece was the perfect size and compliment to the other.  A galvanized tray was found for $14, and the shutter set was $5, the last piece needed was an empty window frame (no glass wanted) and we found it for $10.  So, happy with our finds, we headed home and had fun putting it all together.

window 2
The first step was to put up the window frame.

Then we added the shutters.

The galvanized tray needed a slight alteration to make it lay flat.  My husband took care of that.


Looking good, but needed to be jazzed up just a bit.  So I added the words Le Fluers to the tin.

And of course added some flowers!


And then it was done!  The side of the shed looks much happier now!


Don’t you just look when a project comes together??   Me Too!!!

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