Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gourd Topiary - I’m in love <3!

We are in a stretch of gorgeous Fall days here in Michigan.  The nights have been chilly, alright, darn right cold (in the 30’s and 40’s already!) followed by bright sunny days that warm quickly.  It really is so beautiful!  I started my day by headed to the county market farm market.  Seriously, I’ve lived here all my life, and never gone to this market?  What is wrong with me?  Fantastic people, fantastic prices, lovely, fresh produce and flowers.  I was quite smitten.  I’m going back on Saturday with the hubs to pick up some salsa ingredients.  I knew it existed, but went to a painting girls night at a really cool farm house last weekend, and was greeted by a killer stack of gourds.  I had to know where she got them.  The farm market was the answer.
So I picked up a topiary of gourds too while I was there and had a fun time decorating the front porch with them.  This may be my favorite porch EVER!  Barn wood, hydrangea, gourds, moss, horseshoes, grapevines, mums, cabbage, and burlap!  I’m swooning over here, It’s like winning the decorating lottery, only I don’t get any money just something pretty to look at.   So here it is ~ please, enjoy!

And just for fun, here’s the picture I painted at the farm house last weekend.  I’m no Picasso, but I did it all myself!

So thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you enjoyed my porch.


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Mantel 2013

No better day than today to share my Fall Mantel, it is after all, the first day of Fall.
fall mantel 2013
With a little bit of old and a little bit of new, I created my mantel.  It looks so different with the new color in the room, which is a fantastic Fall accent in itself.
Fall Mantel 2013 3
My wreath and my pendant banner are among the reused.  The only thing I did was add a few feathers to the wreath, since they are “in” this fall.
Fall Mantel 2013 2
The bunting banner I made last year out of things I had laying around.  Still cute.
Fall Mantel 2013 4
My white owl collection is new.  And thanks to a great sale, I spent under $15 for all 3.  The jug is a vintage find, and the spool is from last year too. 
Fall Mantel 2013 5
New to me this year, although I found it at an antique store, is this wooden black crate.  It was $12, and I couldn’t pass up it’s rustic appeal.  An acorn on a candlestick, a white pumpkin, and an old horseshoe round out the other end.  And that’s it!  I’m ready for the cooler weather, blankets, sweaters, fresh picked apples, a fantastic color display in the trees and pumpkins galore.  Hoping you take the time to enjoy the season.  Warm regards, Diane

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Vignette

I have a quick share for you today.  I’ve been working over the last week to get my house updated for Fall. It’s officially here on Sunday!  I showed you my summer display in my china cabinet in my Family Room Reveal last week.  Here’s a reminder of what it looked like for summer:

family room 5
And here’s what it looks like for Fall:

fall vingette
I have such a good time updating it for the seasons.  My son made that sweet little owl a few years ago, and I don’t think I fully appreciated it’s cuteness until this year.  I’m also loving the vintage yellow bowl that was my Grandma’s, and of course bringing back my pears made out of lightbulbs was good too.  Missed those little fellas! 

Here’s a little collage to showcase the contents a little closer.

Fall Collage
Have a super weekend!  I think my hubs and I are going to get up extra early and drive an hour and a half to an Antique Festival.  Should be fun, especially since we need to be back home by 1pm for my son’s first flag football game!

Red heart diane

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fabric Pumpkins

I don’t know about you, but this Fall I am Mad about Plaid! That’s why I created this little pumpkin.
plaid pumpkin
Isn’t she just so sophisticated with her little belt?  It’s actually one of those wrap brackets, that just wasn’t for me.  The plaid is from a pair of boys PJ’s that I picked up at Good Will. 

plaid pumpkin collage

I used a foam pumpkin I already had and wrapped the fabric around it.  The stem is just twine wrapped around and glued.

plaid pumpkin 2

Here’s another one I made.  Using a little girls dress that had two patterns.  After gluing on the panels I used some ribbon to cover the edges.
polkadot pumpkin
This one was much harder, and not my favorite child, but she’s cute in her own special way.
Have you started your Fall décor yet?  It’s getting easier now that the temperatures are dropping. 
Thank you so much for stopping by. 
Enjoy your day!


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Family Room make-over (the reveal)

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve been a terrible blogger this past summer.  Basically, I haven’t blogged at all.  I wish I could say it was because I was off on long and luxurious vacations, but I wasn’t.  I did have a wonderful family trip to Punta Cana in the beginning of summer, and a couple of beautiful camping trips within our state, but over all, I was just lazy.  That and we were down to one computer and getting time on the computer meant fighting off the kids, especially with so many rainy days.  My one big accomplishment this summer was the long awaited redecorating of my family room.  It was one of the last rooms I had left to do, and I really don’t know what made me wait so long.  I hated the green carpeting and broken blinds from the day we moved in, but as things tend to do, it always slipped down the list.  This spring we set aside some money for new carpeting and blinds, and started planning the redo.   Those were the two big expenses, and I planned on keeping my furniture.  So here’s what the room looked like before I started.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the walls were a really light mint green.  And look at that dog!  I swear she has a way of sneaking into so many of my pictures!
The first thing I did was paint the walls Great Plains Gold by Benjamin Moore. Well I take that back. The first thing I did was agonize over a color.  I saw so many people painting their rooms very light colors, and they looked so clean and yet cozy.  So I painted the room Owl Grey by BM.  I love yellow and grey together and I thought I’d work with that.  After several days of staring at the room, I decided it just wasn’t for me.  The carpet (which was still green) was throwing a green cast on the walls, and it looked way too similar to the previous color, just cleaner and fresher.  The final straw came when I got a call from Lowes saying the carpet color I ordered (a grey) was no longer available.  I took this as a sign that this room was not meant to be this color.  I went back to the drawing board, and started all over again.  First, I chose the carpet color I liked.  After all, paint comes in many more colors than carpet!  Then I went to visit my neighborhood Benjamin Moore color specialist.  I love getting an expert opinion on my color choices, and after one fail, I just wasn’t looking forward to repainting a third time.  Jill, the color specialist, was a great help and we worked together to come up with a great color.  You can find Jill at her Facebook page – ColorRedesign, even if you don’t live near me, she has lots of great information on her site. 

After painting, the carpet was installed and the new blinds came in.  I went with a looped roman shade and panels for the doorwall.  This gave the room a much more modern feel.  I am sorry there are no great pictures of the blinds.  I tried and tried to get a picture, but alas, my amateur photography skills proved how difficult it is to take pictures into the light.  Maybe some day. . .

Well by this time, you must be thinking – show us some after photos!  So thanks for reading along this far.  I know I’ve been a little long and windy, but after such a long break, I guess I have a lot to say!

So here are the after pictures ~ Enjoy!
Departures Board from Homegoods, Turtle shell from Target
family room 3
family room 4
family room 7
family room
I am so much happier with the warm color.  I learned a big lesson about listening to my heart, instead of following what others are doing.  I feel like the colors go together with the existing furniture so nicely.  The room has a lot of harmony, and the new furniture lay-out makes the room feel so much larger.  We also extended the hardwood flooring from the kitchen into the laundry room.  The carpet in that little hallway was always so filthy.  The wood is much easier to care for.  Many of my accessories were repainted or brought in from other rooms.  I didn’t really buy anything new, although my new lamp shades were found at Target for $4.60/each.  Couldn’t pass up that deal!
Here’s a quick peek inside the curio cabinet.  This was my summer vignette.  I just spent the last 2 days rearranging this room for fall.  I hope to have those pictures up soon. 
family room 5
Thank you so much for stopping by to see my family room.  I hope you liked it!

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