Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chevron and pinecone Holiday Wreath

 5 minute wreath
While decorating for the holidays, I wanted to give my stainless steel reindeer a little holiday cheer.  So I took a grapevine wreath (available at the Dollar Tree), and simply wrapped the wreath in a chevron burlap (from Hobby Lobby).  I secured it in back with a dab of hot glue.  Then I took two sprigs of pine branches (Hobby Lobby again) and pulled apart the stems into smaller pieces and glued them around the bottom half of the wreath.  Afterward I tried a simple bow with the ribbon and attached it. I think it took longer for my glue gun to get hot than to complete the whole project.  The results were just what I wanted, simple and understated, but with enough flare to make my reindeer feel special.  And he does!  The end.

reindeer wreath

reindeer wreath 3

reindeer wreath 2
                     Thanks for stopping by!  Diane

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Glass bowl Snowmen

I spent Tuesday afternoon crafting with my two good friends.  So much of my crafting is done alone, so when I get the chance to craft with friends, it’s always a good time.  This post is simple, short and sweet because we talked too much to get any pictures along the way.  So here are our 3 finished snowmen.
3 snowmen

My friend, Linn gets the credit for coming up with this craft and getting all the supplies.  Almost all of these items came from the Dollar Tree.  You will need 2 glass bowls (one fluted on top, and the other a smaller one that fits perfectly in inside the top of the first), one pair of socks (use one for the hat and one for the scarf), a string of white lights and embellishments of your choosing, white paint, modge podge and Epsom Salts.  

We painted the glass white and let it dry, then we use modge podge to coat the glass and added Epsom salts.  We applied a blow dryer once dry to whiten the Epsom salts and then used a clear coat spray over the top to help adhere the salts.  Stuff the lights evenly inside with the cord out the back, we applied a couple dots of hot glue to hold the glass jars together. Then with a hot glue we applied our embellishments.  Cut the sock one sock down the side to create one long piece.  This will be your scarf.  The other sock is your hat.  Again, use your imagination to create the hat you want.  I tied a knot on the top and cut off the open end to shorten.  Then I rolled it up to create a cuff. Or you could tie a string around the top to make the hat more flappy.  

Each one really has it’s own personality. Mine is the blue one on the right.  They are seriously stinkin’ cute in person!!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

how I created an insulated fireplace cover with pallet wood!

Have you got a drafty fireplace????
fireplace 4
I do!  The calendar may only say November, but it has been cold around here lately,  and not just cold, but windy too. And that means that I am once again reminded of how the cold air can make the unlit fireplace feel down right cold.  Not to mention the loss of heat going right up the chimney.  I’m thinking of having a new sealing damper put on, but until I do, I needed something to help keep the family room a little more comfortable.  So I came up with an idea to help me stay warmer, it involves pallet wood.  No silly!  I’m not burning it (I don’t think that’s a good idea!) 

You start with a piece of Styrofoam installation.  I bought mine at Lowes.
fireplace 5 
Then you measure the inside edge of the insert and cut your foam to fit snuggly inside.  You want it to seal the opening completely.
fireplace 6
Next cut slits in so your door handles fit inside. This will allow you to push the foam completely flush, so it’s important! 
Then I cut pallet wood to fit over the top of the Styrofoam and glued the wood to the foam with liquid nails.  I let  it dry over night.  I choose a flooring pattern. 

Using a wooden letter from Michael’s, I  laid it in the center and used Krylon Spray Wood Stain in Earthen Brown to paint over the whole piece. 

Then I removed the letter and voila, I had a cute monogramed fireplace cover.  Once it was dry, I put the panel in the opening of the fireplace. 

Now I have an insulated fireplace panel that keeps out the cold drafts and looks cute to boot!!
fireplace 7
To start a fire we just have to pull it off and set it aside.  Remember NOT to place the cover on until your fireplace is completely cool again.  The Styrofoam is not fire-proof and neither is the pallet wood!!!  Always be safe. Remember to open your flue when starting a fire, and close it again when your fire is completely cooled. 
Hoping you stay warm and safe this winter!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cold and Flu Tray

cold and flu season

As the leaves start to fall along with the temperatures, we all have cold and flu season to look forward to.  My family and I have already gotten our flu shots, but with 2 kids in school it’s inevitable that someone is going to have a cold or flu through-out the winter.  I thought it would be fun to create a cute little Cold and Flu tray to set aside just for those days when someone is feeling miserable.

sore throatcough drops

Using a couple of bar jars, I stenciled onto a burlap ribbon to create 2 jars, one for cough drops, and one for throat lozenges.  I then glued the ribbon to the jars and fastened some rick-rack around it.  Washi tape around the lid, and a matching scrap book paper inserted in the top of the jar finished them off.
cold tray
Then I used a cute barn tray my husband made, along with a vintage handkerchief from my mom and filled it with some cold essentials like; kleenex, saline spray, lotion, and a thermometer. Now when someone gets sick I can just pull out the tray and leave it on the bedside.

cold tray 2
Don’t you think this would help you feel just a little better?
I hope I never need this, but chances are, I will!

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