Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ikea towels upgraded to gifts

 I am in the final wrap up stages for Christmas.  While I've been basically done with my shopping for a while now, I always find myself tying up the loose ends, and finishing the last minute details.  Today I wanted to get my teacher gift all set.  Sometime over this Christmas season I created a couple of new Christmas pillows.  I never blogged about them because, well quite frankly, I am NOT a sewer and the craftsmanship (if we can even go that far), is weak at best.  But hey, they only have to last a few weeks, and I am going to show you a picture, but you have to promise not to look too closely.  

 I made both of these from items from Ikea.  The larger white pillow case was $7.  I added a couple of dollars worth of red ruffles, and for under $10 I had a cute little pillow.  The #25 pillow was made from one of the .79 cent tea towels from Ikea.  Love the red stripes, and I created these numbers by combining large printed numbers and some beautiful vintage Christmas paper created by KerryAnne at The She has a beautiful blog that if you haven't already, you should totally check out.  That reminds me, I also used her paper to wrap the presents shown on my Antique-chair-redo with Annie Sloan paint.  I think I forgot to mention that in that post - sorry!!

So, this 25 pillow is what inspired me to make tea towels.  I started with my towel and removed that really big tag.  Ironed my towels nice and neat.  Then I took my printed numbers and cut them out.  Don't forget to print a mirror image of what you will be printing, otherwise it will be backward! 

Once you remove the backing, you are done!  Super easy and super cute.

The total cost of this is around $2.  The transfers are from Jo-ann's and after coupon are $7 for a think 6 of them.  I managed to get two sets of numbers on my transfer, so I only had to use a 1/2 of a transfer sheet.  The pillow numbers are larger so that used one full sheet.  But think of the possibilities.  I might made some pillow cases next.  

I rolled up the towel and wrapped it in pom-pom's, added a Christmas sock to a Ball jar, some twine, and mounted a Target gift card to a paper straw.  It's a fun and inexpensive way to wrap up a gift card! You could also add a couple of kitchen tools, or some pretty dish soap, and you would have a perfectly lovely gift.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are wrapping up your Christmas prep too!  

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowflake Glass Jar knock-off

 I'd like to show you my knock-off decor I created for Debbiedoos Holiday-knock-off-decor-party.
I found these cute glass jars and thought they were easy enough to re-create.  Turns out just finding a glass jar was the hardest part.  

My knock-off

But once I found it, it really was as simple as painting a wooden star black (from Michaels) and hot gluing it to the lid. 

Easy enough - right?  

I added some soft peppermints sticks.  Now I do have to confess.  I love my jar, but saw the real thing in Pottery Barn this weekend and theirs is MUCH larger and the snowflake is metal, but I still think it's a great knock-off!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Antique Chair redo ASCP

I came across this chair at a local thrift store.  In my best antique knowledge, I'm going to tell you this chair is really, really old.  I don't know what style it is, but I am thinking it has to be from the 18th century.  The wood was really worn and dry, and one of the legs a bit wobbly.  But, for $15 I couldn't let her go.  So I brought her home, and spruced her up.

I just love the ornate wood carvings on this chair.

I had some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence I'd been wanting to try out, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity   A couple of coats later, followed by some dark wax and a little distressing, and she was quite lovely in turquoise. 

Curvy, lady-like

Sweet and demure 

with some sexy legs (insert whistle)

I love her.  

Hope you like her too!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk paint side table

Today I have a quick post to show you my Nightstand's Swedish sister.  I continue my journey in re-doing my master bedroom, and I am so close to being completely finished.  Just - need - to -focus.

Backflash - Here's my nightstand that I bought on clearance for $22.  I think she's real pretty now, oh, and if I may toot my own horn for just one minute, this little beauty is scheduled to be featured this afternoon at:

(toot, toot)

So here she is.  I like to call her the Swedish sister.

She's simple, uncluttered, and clean looking.

I used the same custom blend of ASCP as I did on my nightstand.  Just added a little stencil with Old White and Florence for accent.