Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mercury Glass tutorial

If you have been in the stores this year, you've certainly noticed all of the Mercury Glass, especially this Christmas.  It's so pretty, but usually pretty costly.  I've seen on Pinterest where people have been making their own, so I thought why not give it a try?  It was actually really easy.  I started out going to a local thrift store and purchasing all these glass items, each one was .94 or less, but you could use any glass item you have on hand and are willing to paint.

Here is what you will need:

Mirror or reflective spray paint (found mine at Michaels)
spray bottle of water with a fine mist
bottle of Windex

You basically start by lightly misting the piece with water.  Immediately after begin to spray paint.  If the glass piece has a large enough opening and you can paint the inside, start by painting the inside first.  After putting on a layer of paint, continue by alternating paint and water or windex.  The Windex gives a slightly different bubble than the water, and really the results are up to you.  Just make sure not to use too much paint.  I also would recommend holding the water of Windex at least 9" to 12" back so it lightly falls onto the glass.  You don't want anything to begin to run.  And that's it!  Let piece dry.  I found that spraying the inside gives it a more dimensional look.  You should plan to start with a piece you don't really care about ruining, since it might take you a piece to get the hang of it.  One can of paint did 5 pieces for me.

Here is a peek at my finished pieces.  Sorry it's hard to see on some of my photos.  Reflective things can be tricky to photographer :)  

You will be seeing all of these things on my mantel.  As a matter of fact, I haven't even opened my Christmas decorations yet this year.  Everything I've used on my mantel has been made this year.  I did get to photograph my mantel today, so as soon as I can edit those photo, I will add that post.

Thanks for coming by.  Have a great night!