Thursday, March 8, 2012

Frog Tape VS Scotch Blue with Edge lock

I know you are probably sitting around and wondering, "What's better, Frog Tape or Scotch Blue?"  Well I think I may DO have the answer!  

They both cost almost exactly the same.  Which is how I must of ended up with both in house at the same time.  I was adding some stripes to my son's room (even though I swore off adding stripes after the nursery incident, but I digress) and I only had enough Frog tape to make it once around the room, so I finished up with the blue tape.  I used the same method on both tapes, since I wanted this to be a true controlled experiment.  Once the tape was up and firmly sealed down I used the underneath wall color to paint once around the room.  I've read about this method and it is supposed to seal off the tape and eliminate the feathering and bleeding that is so frustrating.  

Then I painted.  As you can see it's Frog on the bottom and Blue on the top.

is. . .

Frog! Clearly.  Look at those nice smooth lines along the bottom.  The top, not so much.

So next time you are painting, I recommend Frog Tape.  I know it's going to be my ONLY choice from now on!


  1. I was totally thinking of doing a post on this. I gave up on Scotch Blue this last time I painted stripes. I was just so done with having to go back over my lines. I kept thinking what's the point of using the tape and that stuff is not cheap. So I tried the Frog tape and there is no comparison. Hands down Frog tape is the best. I completely Agree. Lesley