Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wine Tasting party

Wine Tasting Party 2012

Last night I invited a small group of friends to my very first Wine tasting Party.  It was a great time!  I decided that this should be a blind tasting, so out of paper wine bags, burlap, and raffia I fashioned some cute wine bottle hiders.    The only thing guest knew was if it was red or white (designated by the tag around the neck of the bottle).

A wine tasting rating sheet was given to each guest (graphics compliments of Graphic Fairy) .  Rating were kept very simple with 5 loving it, to 1 a very diplomatic "I don't care for this wine".  This didn't stop my friends from creating their own 0 and negative ratings!

And then there was all the yummy foods!
Cheeses, fruits, nuts
cakes, chocolates, dips
It seemed the food just kept on coming!  Everything was so delicious!

Here are some girls at the tasting table.

The conversationalists.


It was a wonderful relaxing night.  I am so grateful to have such a nice bunch of friends.  

Here are a few of the decorations of the night.  

This is my grandparents wedding photo from 1924, printed onto transfer paper and transfered onto a canvas bag.  I then cut off the top handles, and plan on making it into a pillow sometime soon.  Right now it's home is on an extra frame with chicken wire.

I made this runner with a graphic from the Graphic Fairy, doesn't she have the best printables!?
Doilies with printed numbers helped to keep the wine bottles in the right place. 

  Hope you enjoyed reading about my wine tasting party as much as I enjoyed sharing it!  


The Graphics Fairy


  1. That wine tasting party looked like fun! Great idea about hiding the wine in wrappers. Looks like the guests had a good time. :)

    I am stopping by from Linky Followers
    Please feel free to stop by

  2. Wow! I’d like to give you an A for all your efforts, particularly with the individual packaging. Kudos! It is indeed exciting to have an element of surprise when it comes to tasting wine. What you did will also help them make an unbiased assessment of the wines. Anyway, it looks like everyone had a good time. Update us until your next party! :)

    Jessie Henn