Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gourd Topiary - I’m in love <3!

We are in a stretch of gorgeous Fall days here in Michigan.  The nights have been chilly, alright, darn right cold (in the 30’s and 40’s already!) followed by bright sunny days that warm quickly.  It really is so beautiful!  I started my day by headed to the county market farm market.  Seriously, I’ve lived here all my life, and never gone to this market?  What is wrong with me?  Fantastic people, fantastic prices, lovely, fresh produce and flowers.  I was quite smitten.  I’m going back on Saturday with the hubs to pick up some salsa ingredients.  I knew it existed, but went to a painting girls night at a really cool farm house last weekend, and was greeted by a killer stack of gourds.  I had to know where she got them.  The farm market was the answer.
So I picked up a topiary of gourds too while I was there and had a fun time decorating the front porch with them.  This may be my favorite porch EVER!  Barn wood, hydrangea, gourds, moss, horseshoes, grapevines, mums, cabbage, and burlap!  I’m swooning over here, It’s like winning the decorating lottery, only I don’t get any money just something pretty to look at.   So here it is ~ please, enjoy!

And just for fun, here’s the picture I painted at the farm house last weekend.  I’m no Picasso, but I did it all myself!

So thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you enjoyed my porch.


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  1. So, so pretty! Once school starts, I neglect all my plants. I also really like your painting.

  2. Love your porch - the whole thing!!! And Love your mantle, including your painting! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  3. Hi Diane! I love your very fall-ish porch!!! Great job. Were the gourds in topiary form when bought them?

    1. Yes Traci, they had them all lined up like little snowmen. It was hard to pick just one!

  4. THis is super cute! THanks for linking up to the autumn abounds party!

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