Saturday, February 4, 2012

The project that didn't want to be

Alright, we've all been there, don't try and deny it!  Sometimes you start a craft that just doesn't go like you planned.  In your mind, it looks so different, but the end results, well not so good.

I started this latest craft with the intention of finishing it in an afternoon.  The reality?  A week sitting on the kitchen table.  This is a jewelry box that I've had in the basement for a few years.  Cast aside by my daughter who deemed it "no longer cool", and alright, maybe it was a little bit uncool.  I've had a few garage sales since then, and every time I forget about it and think, next time.  I actually bought it at a garage sale for $2.  Something inside me has always had a soft spot for it, so maybe that's why it's been forgotten for the garage sales.

 I figured I could paint it and be done, but it started off badly.  When I went down to get it I realized that it had a velvet paper top.  Didn't remember that.  So I removed it, only to discover that underneath was only a pressed paper unfinished top.  Grrrr, road block one.

My solution for this was some old wallpaper I had left over.  Just happened to be the right color for the box, but changed the whole look to a little more formal.

From there it was one thing after an another.  I had originally thought I would remove the knobs and replace them with some cool pulls.  But the screws for the knobs were hidden under a layer of paper and a screw driver didn't fit inside the box anyway.  I would have had to disassemble the whole inside of the box just to get to them.  It just wasn't worth it.  Instead, I decided to cover the knobs with string.  

I added on some stenciling to the boxes and used a trick I recently saw on Pinterest to paint some wooden do-dads I picked up at Michael's on clearance for .05 cents each!  Of course, I needed 9 of the shape below, but they only had 8, so I compromised and mixed up the shapes.

In the end, I think it ended up kinda cute, but definitely not what I was going for in the beginning! That's the thing about crafts and life too.  You need to roll with the ups and downs and in the end be happy with what you have created.  

After all it's just somewhere convenient to store my rubber bands, paperclips and other office supplies!