Thursday, February 23, 2012

UnPainted in a world of painted

One of the pieces I featured in my basement remodel was the ice box I had recently been left by my mom who passed away in October (RIP Mum).  I had restored this piece about 8 years ago as a mother's day present for her.  The ice box was left at an old house by the previous tenants.  My dad had used it for years in the garage to store all his oils, greases, paints, and other garagey type stuff.  My dad passed away in 1986 (2 days before my 18th birthday), and my mom started talking about wanting to have the piece restored.  The only problem was she really didn't have any money to do it at the time.  That's when I decided I might be able to do it.  I'd never done anything like that, and I knew it might not be the most professional job, but I really wanted to try.  Here's what it looked like when I got it.

What is sorta funny is that back even 8 years ago, painting old furniture was not all the rage it is today.  Some people may look at this old patina-ed piece and think it is just lovely the way it was.  It certainly has the look with it's crackled old paint and multiple layers of paint.  But mom wanted it back the way it was meant to be.  I'm still hoping to this day that the paint wasn't lead and that I didn't expose myself to a bunch of harmful chemicals that will some day be my demise!  But what transpired is a really beautiful piece of furniture.  The oak grain is so beautiful and all of the old hardware cleaned up nicely.  I really poured my blood sweat and tears into it, and I am still proud of how nice it turned it. The piece is pretty much intact with all the inside shelves.  I love that she left it to me.  And I love even more how I was able to work it in to my basement decor.  Here's how she looks today <3.