Monday, September 24, 2012

A Facebook Fan page

First of all, I want to say welcome to all of my new followers.  I've gotten quite a few more people following me lately, which is so exciting!  I can't thank you all enough - really!  I have been thinking about a Facebook page for a while now, but just hadn't taken that plunge.  It's a little scary and I don't really feel like I know too much.  Then the sweet and kind Debbie from suggested I do it.  I'm sure you all know Debbie, the newbie pied piper of blogland.  Leading all of us newbies along the blogging path, so kindly and gently as we splash into the blog world and try to swim our way along with the sharks, even though I feel like such a little fish!

And so without further ado I ask you to please LIKE ME on my new FB page.

Right now it's completely infantile.  I have to make a cover and then figure out how to get a button on this blog too, and I'm sure fifty million other things, but I'm there, and I am happy and excited, and nervous too!

Thanks to all of you who follow along!