Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall owl display

 Hoo wants candy?

 It started with this cute chubby owl at Homegoods on Clearance for $18.


Which lead to this sign . . . 

Which sparked an idea for a pallet planter, but before the hubby could build me one, I found this freebie!


Which lead to this. . . 

So I took an old wire vase and painted it black.

Added some gourds and mums and came up with this.

 Which made me feel. . . .


so, whoo thinks this is cute????

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   The 36th AVENUE      


  1. So cute, great job! Thanks for stopping by our Pretty Things Party. Hope to see you back next week!

  2. What a fun, whimsical outdoor display! Your neighbours must look at this and know that a creative person lives here :)

    1. Thank Claire! My neighbor today couldn't believe I made it and said I should sell them. Well cool pallet planters don't just drop out of the sky everyday! Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll come again!

  3. What a great fall display! It looks lovely!

  4. OMG I found the same owl last fall at a garage sale 2 bucks.. I LOVE him.. cute idea..

  5. Ohhh HOOT HOOT I LOVED that owl...and for some dumb reason I let it go when I was at Homegoods..came back and he was gone!!!Perhaps you got it Diane!!lol...beautiful decor! If you ever decide to part wth Mr. HOOT HOOT, remember me!
    Hugs, Lizy

    1. Lizy, lol isn;t that the way it goes at Homegoods? You have to throw it in your cart until you decide otherwise it's gone! Thanks for stopping by!