Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dimensional Snowflakes on Canvas

Are you ready to let it snow?  I'm not!!  But I've had this craft on my mind for so long, I just wanted to get it out of there  and make it come to life.  

I made this beautiful 3 dimensional snowflake canvas out of three 8X10 canvases from Hobby Lobby.  I think they were $2 a piece.  My snow flakes were created by printing out snowflakes from The Graphic Fairy site.  I then laid parchment paper over the print outs and used 3 dimensional paints to trace the images.

Parchment paper is really the best choice for being able to easily remove the snowflake once it is dry.  I tried various other methods including wax paper and saran wrap.  The parchment paper was far and above the best.  Once you are finished tracing, allow the paint to dry for several hours or better yet, overnight.  I then carefully peeled off the snowflake and flipped it upside down and sprayed the back with spray adhesive.  Apply the snowflakes onto the canvas in desired pattern.  After allowing to dry for a few minutes I then applied Martha Stewart Acrylic paint in Pearl in 2 light coats which gave it a nice shimmer.

Adding some smaller shimmery sequins shaped like snowflakes and a strand of iridescent pearls evenly to the back of the canvases, tied them all together.  Then I topped it all off with a lace bow.

The result is a really pretty 3-D sparkly picture.  I love this so much and it really can last all the way through Winter, not just Christmas.   

So happy this idea stayed in my head for so long and it kept haunting me until I brought it to life.  Now I have some empty space in there!!  I'm sure I can fill it with other projects - no problem! :0

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  1. Hello Ms. Giraffe! These snowflakes are wonderful! Great job. I'm a fellow Michigander and a new follower. Nice to meet you.

  2. Welcome quirky Karen, always nice to meet another Michigander! Thanks for following!

  3. These are great - so cool - love your project.. Found you through Debbiedos - pinning this. Am now a follower.....

  4. Beautiful! I'm so excited to start Christmas projects! Pinning!

  5. That is adorable! I'm not ready to think about snow or Christmas but I love how glittery and metallic it is. Stephanie

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to make them!!

  7. Beautiful work..would love to do similar thing.I just wanted to know how u attached the string to the canvas...thanks in advance