Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Lantern

I am finally getting into the spirit of Halloween.  I've been a little slow this year.  Based on all of you other bloggers, I am seriously behind.  That's fine.  I've been enjoying my Fall decorations too much to rush things.  Now that it is  actually October, I think I am ready to begin the change over.  Yesterday I went to Ikea with my friend and fellow crafter, Linn.  They had seemly skipped fall all together and went straight to Christmas.  They have some really great things this year, so good in fact, that I actually bought some Christmas things.  They have the cutest lanterns, and the prices can not be beat!  I picked up a red and a white one, along with some other things.  Really, get to Ikea and check out the Christmas items.  You won't be disappointed!

I had been planning on making a Halloween cloche display using my cake stand for over a month now.  The funny part is that when I went to get it out, it seems I have a cake plate stand, but not a cover.  Hmmm, who knew?  Not me!  Guess I don't make too many cakes that need covering.    So my whole plan sort of went out the window with that discovery.  Time for plan B.  The lantern was still sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be put away and that's when inspiration hit.  I decided to use the white one to make a Halloween display.  With a scaled down version of my original plan I got to work.  

I used the following items:

a roll of moss from Dollar Tree
2 Halloween figurines from Michaels
a few mini pumpkins from Michaels
a recycled "friends forever"  clearance bunting

Super easy and very cute on my end table in the family room.  And really the best part of plan B was that I was able to make 2 crafts out of the one I planned.  Stay tuned for my next post.  Halloween Trifle anyone??

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