Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Trifle

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I was able to make 2 displays out of the one I had planned to make initially   One of the things that I love about decorating is using items I have in different ways.  You can make a cloche out of many things, without actually having to purchase the traditional glass.  A cake stand (with or even w/o) a cover, any large glass vase, a wire basket flipped upside down, a trifle bowl, a trifle bowl flipped upside down, or a canning jar are just a few examples.  I came across my trifle bowl and thought that filling it with Halloween objects might be fun.  And so the idea and the hunt began.  

My items ended up being some Halloween glass beads, a layer of small pumpkins, layer of spiders and a layer of green yarn.  I topped it off with my Fox Hollow inspired Dollar Tree Christmas House painted black, and a big crow on top.  A velvet ribbon and black and white embellishment finished off the look.

I've always love the look of trifles.  All those layers of yummieness.

And this one won't even need refrigeration.
Plus No calories!!

Thanks again for stopping by.
My Halloween mantel is my next project. 

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  1. So cute!!! My kiddos love for me to decorate for Halloween and not just fall! LOVE it!!!

  2. Your kids must be smaller. My kids band me from "cute" decorating outside two years ago :( They can't stop me inside though!!

  3. What a cute and festive idea! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity! ;)


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