Monday, April 29, 2013

2 Hydrangea Wreaths

Purple or blue?  Too hard to decide.  Why not one of each?
purple wreath
The purple one is a dollar store noodle, wrapped in white muslin fabric and burlap strips, fringed at the edges.  3 purple silk hydrangeas, stems cut down, and the leaves hot glued to surround the flowers.  Finished it up with a sweet bird nest filled with flowers. So soft and romantic.

purple wreath 2

The blue wreath uses a foam wreath base, again wrapped in muslin strips, with 3 bands of gorgeous designer ribbon.  3 hydrangeas cut down, leaves glued along the bottom, and a burlap snail resting on top.

wreath blue

Which is your favorite?  Mine is the purple, no wait, it’s the blue. . . Well I have more accessories for the blue, but the purple is so pretty.  Sigh. 

wreath blue 2

Just think, another month or two and I should have some real hydrangeas to love.  Until then, my wreaths will keep me happy.

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