Friday, April 5, 2013

Turning a twin bed skirt into a queen–No Sewing required!


Last fall I gave my son our Queen sized bed when we got a new King bed.  I wasn’t too happy that the previous spring I had just re-done his room, and bought him a new bed skirt.  Then I decided (after many months of it sitting on his dresser) that I could re-use the same skirt on the new bed. 



No bedskirt

My solution is BY NO MEANS designer approved or magazine worthy!!  It only took only about 10 minutes and involved no sewing.  Always a plus in my book!  I laid the bed skirt on the floor and cut on the side that would normally go on the that side of the bed , about 8 inches or so from the side.  No measuring, nothing exact here.



Then I took some HOLD ON!  bed skirt pins from Bed, Bath and Beyond and attached the cut side to the mattress.


Next I measured, and by measuring, I mean I placed the remaining part of the skirt on the end of the bed.  Matching up the corner I cut as straight as a line as I could.  You could easily make a faux hem by using some hem seaming that irons on.  Since this bed skirt was black, you have to get really close to see there is a cut end.  I figured not many of his 10 year old friends would get close enough to notice this, so I just left mine. 


This picture is really close-up and over-lit up just so you can see how the ends meet. 


This edge is on the end of the bed that does not face the entrance of the room.  The material is long enough that you can wrap the skirt around the side of the bed.  Everything was tucked in and secured neatly with the pins to hold it in place. 


wrap extra skirt around corner of the bed

In the end the skirt doesn’t reach all the way around the back side of the bed, but as you can see the bed is close enough to the wall that this doesn’t matter.  I am just happy I was able to reuse the skirt I already had, and didn’t have to go buy another one.


Finished skirt looks like a regular queen bed skirt.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my hack.  Sometimes a necessary evil. Sarcastic smile

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