Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Caulk as rug gripper–A Pinterest test




Several months ago I Pinned the idea of using caulk as a rug gripper and have been thinking about doing it because my dog is always tearing around the house and leaving my rugs grippers showing.  Tired of always fixing the rugs, I decided it was time to put this to the test. 




All you have to do is flip the rug over and apply strips of caulk to the back.  So I applied the caulk and set it up to dry.




Round one:  Caulk fails to adhere to rugs.




Round 2:  applied Caulk making sure to press down into the rug.



Dry again for 24 hours.  Notice the little dog nose in the corner.  She’s thinking, “Is this going to ruin my fun?”


Rugs go back down.  The first thing I notice is the rugs still move around.  Oh no.  Decide to give it a few days to see how things go.  I take up the rugs a few days later and notice that even though I made sure caulk was completely dry before I put them down, the caulk is sticking to my floors in some places.  I also notice that the caulk is still very easy to remove from the back of the rug. 


So do I recommend this Pin?  No.  Sorry, it just didn’t work.  My rug grippers are back beneath the rugs.  One good thing is that the grippers seem to grip onto the caulk, and are not showing as much, so I don’t know maybe that makes this is not a complete failure.  Also, after I did the caulk, I went back to the pin, and read some comments.  Many people claimed the caulk left oily marks on their floors and felt their floors were ruined by this.  Probably should have read up on that first! 



Didn’t work for me Sad smile


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  1. I've wondered if this works too, thanks for sharing!

  2. I've had the same problem with my doxies and kids doing this too and always afraid I or someone older will slip or have a magic carpet ride down the hallway and on in to the ER. :/

  3. Did you use silicone caulk? You probably didn't get it on thick enough and also didn't let it dry long enough.