Saturday, October 19, 2013

Skull wreath tutorial

When I shared my Halloween Mantel the other day, I showed you the wreath I made out of 8 Dollar Tree skulls.  The wreath was very easy to make.  I started with a grapevine wreath, also available at the Dollar Tree.  I painted it black and wrapped one gauze cloth from the Halloween section around it and fastened with hot glue.  So far, it has cost me $10 in products from the Dollar Tree.  Fair warning these in progress photos have no editing, and no prepping.  This is the easiest way for me to do pictures while I craft, because if you’ve ever crafted with me you know I am a very fast crafter and can’t really be bothered to stop and make the background look pretty.  It just isn’t important or realistic to me. 

My next item came from Micheals.  It was a Halloween Garland and it cost $5.  I simply flipped the wreath over and hot glued the garland to the wreath, making sure to glue it to the outside so that it can be seen from the front. 
The last thing to do is glue the heads around the wreath.  Take care you make sure they are positioned in a way that they will hang nicely.  Eight fit perfectly.  I was going to add some black flowers, but decided it just didn’t need it.  That was it.  I think it makes a nice ghoulish looking decoration, and it really was very easy to make! 

halloween mantel4
Total cost for project was $15.

See my entire Halloween Mantel HERE

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