Saturday, November 23, 2013

Glass bowl Snowmen

I spent Tuesday afternoon crafting with my two good friends.  So much of my crafting is done alone, so when I get the chance to craft with friends, it’s always a good time.  This post is simple, short and sweet because we talked too much to get any pictures along the way.  So here are our 3 finished snowmen.
3 snowmen

My friend, Linn gets the credit for coming up with this craft and getting all the supplies.  Almost all of these items came from the Dollar Tree.  You will need 2 glass bowls (one fluted on top, and the other a smaller one that fits perfectly in inside the top of the first), one pair of socks (use one for the hat and one for the scarf), a string of white lights and embellishments of your choosing, white paint, modge podge and Epsom Salts.  

We painted the glass white and let it dry, then we use modge podge to coat the glass and added Epsom salts.  We applied a blow dryer once dry to whiten the Epsom salts and then used a clear coat spray over the top to help adhere the salts.  Stuff the lights evenly inside with the cord out the back, we applied a couple dots of hot glue to hold the glass jars together. Then with a hot glue we applied our embellishments.  Cut the sock one sock down the side to create one long piece.  This will be your scarf.  The other sock is your hat.  Again, use your imagination to create the hat you want.  I tied a knot on the top and cut off the open end to shorten.  Then I rolled it up to create a cuff. Or you could tie a string around the top to make the hat more flappy.  

Each one really has it’s own personality. Mine is the blue one on the right.  They are seriously stinkin’ cute in person!!

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  1. The bowls you used are they the ones like fish bowls?

  2. You're using a rose bowl (fluted top) and a plain root bowl. Made these last year with my 3 granddaughters and yes, they sure are stinkin' cute! lol
    ps.....we put battery tea lights in them. Set them anywhere, no outlet needed.

    1. If you use battery lights and glue the two together how fonu turn them on?

  3. So cute!!!!! What a great way to make happy memories with your friends too. Hopping over from Shannon and Debbie's party. Hugs P.S. I hope you will share this at my Thursday hop ( its still open)

  4. They are adorable! You are right it is so fun to craft with friends and I need to do that again soon. Thanks for joining the Dollar tree party! Merry Christtmas to you and your family.

  5. They turned out really cute. Glad you had fun crafting with your friends

  6. Wonderful results .They sure don't look like dollar store crafts. Merry Christmas Denise

  7. Hi! Stopping by from Debbiedoos party! These are so cute - love that you made them with Epsom salt too!

  8. Love your snowmen ... really cute with all three together. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. I collect snowmen, and these are so cute! I had to pin so I can try this next season.
    Debbie :)

  10. I am confused on how you got the lights into the two bowls? is the top bowl upside down?

  11. I made one but I don't get how u do the scarf and hat so I made my own

  12. Did you turn the top bowl upside down when you glued them together? The lights were basically in the bottom fluted bowl and they just light up the top as well? Did you run the cord out through one of the flutes?