Friday, November 1, 2013

Cold and Flu Tray

cold and flu season

As the leaves start to fall along with the temperatures, we all have cold and flu season to look forward to.  My family and I have already gotten our flu shots, but with 2 kids in school it’s inevitable that someone is going to have a cold or flu through-out the winter.  I thought it would be fun to create a cute little Cold and Flu tray to set aside just for those days when someone is feeling miserable.

sore throatcough drops

Using a couple of bar jars, I stenciled onto a burlap ribbon to create 2 jars, one for cough drops, and one for throat lozenges.  I then glued the ribbon to the jars and fastened some rick-rack around it.  Washi tape around the lid, and a matching scrap book paper inserted in the top of the jar finished them off.
cold tray
Then I used a cute barn tray my husband made, along with a vintage handkerchief from my mom and filled it with some cold essentials like; kleenex, saline spray, lotion, and a thermometer. Now when someone gets sick I can just pull out the tray and leave it on the bedside.

cold tray 2
Don’t you think this would help you feel just a little better?
I hope I never need this, but chances are, I will!

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  1. Very clever. Fingers crossed that you and your family don't need it.
    :) Michelle

  2. It's good news that you're entire family got their flu vaccine. Since your kids are exposed at school, make sure that they take vitamins and eat healthy food to make them strong. We should exert effort in strengthening our bodies' defense against the virus.

    -Tyrone Vanwagoner @ USHealthWorks (Redmond-Center)

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